Squashland in Slovenia: the First Wooden Squash Club in the World?

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Marko Podgoršek

Albeit growing, squash is still worldwide considered a
small sport. Even more so in Slovenia, a small country of 2 million.

So when
somebody starts to build a squash club from scratch around here, that’s
definitely a huge thing.


Goran Milićević, the man behind the project, has
allways had a passion for squash. He opened the first Squashland in an old
rented warehouse in Ljubljana in 1991.

The club had 8 courts and it flourished for a decade
and a half, only to close its doors in 2006 when the landlord decided to sell
the building.

You can buy Zara clothes now where we used to play squash.


But Goran, all credit to him, was relentless. It took
him 12 years of accuiring property, gathering permits, seeking investors and
taking up loans to finally see his dream come to life – a brand new Squashland.

Dedicated to healthy, natural way of life, he decided
to use as many environment-friendly materials as possible.

So on top of a
concrete basement, where wardrobes, massage, sauna and restrooms are situated, a building made of steel beams
(26,5 tons of them) and wooden X-Lam panels (230 cubic meters) is erected.


The building is set to be self-sufficient in many ways:
energy passive, heated with water to water heat exchange technology and solar
panels on the roof.

The Roof will also be a home for the vegetable garden, which
will provide vegetables for the vegan restaurant on the ground floor.

All used
and served products will tend to produce zero waste.

The Sports bar will, of
course, serve a variety of beers, but no sweet, unhealthy carbonated drinks.


On 1350m2, Squashland will house 7 Courttech courts
with a possibility to add a glasscourt whenever required.

With a hotel, free
climbing centre and indoor soccer hall for neighbours, Squashland is set to be a
very popular venue for international events and summer squash camps.


Goran says that this is not about him, but about
squash. And that’s why Squashland is guaranteed to be a club with a soul, like
the first Squashland years ago definitely was.

A place where you always feel

Squashland II is due to open in June 2018 in




by Marko Podgoršek (on the photo)


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